SAP BTP implementation & SAP Integration Suite Migration from SAP PI/PO

SAPERE x Bang & Olufsen

Migrating from old to new is not only about IT, but also about finding common ground.

The Cooperation

Actions must be taken when an SAP systems goes out of support. That was the situation at B&O, when SAPERE was brought in to initiate a migration project from an old to a new system.

Jonas Dan Jørgensen is the CIO at B&O. The past year Jonas and his IT-department have been working to support the growth journey B&O is on. It has entailed dealing with the company’s IT-legacy and making sure to remove what no longer serves the purpose.

This case is about how it all started, what happened along the way and how success in an IT-project depends on a trusting relationship between involved parties.

About B&O

B&O has since 1925 created audio and home entertainment products with a strong focus on high standards of sound, craft, and design.

Founded by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen the original vision was to use their never-failing will to create only the best and be persistent in finding new ways. This entrepreneurial spirit of innovation continues to live on a century later. It is what drives B&O. To change how we all hear, see, and feel the world (go to B&O's website to read more).

Securing the present and preparing for the future

It was decided that the best solution for B&O was a cloud-based platform. Considerations about longevity and meeting needs of the company were necessary before deciding to migrate from an on-premise-based system to cloud-based.

During the migration it became apparent that a massive clean-up of old integrations was needed. Out of 600 integrations almost half were removed resulting in a system running more smoothly with a higher overall stability.

Being a technical maneuver, SAPERE made sure to remove all the old integrations as well as securing a successful migration.

Collaboration built on reliability and mutual trust

No successful collaboration without mutual reliability and trust. That is how Jonas puts it, when he unfolds the relationship between B&O and SAPERE.  

“When effort is put into finding the right partner, we have looked each other in the eyes and concluded that we can count on each other. It is of utmost importance that there is consensus about that we enter this project together. That success depends on both parties. There is no question about that challenges will arise in the process. The only important question is how to resolve them together”, Jonas explains.  

Like with all relationships in life; they turn problematic when trust is nonexistent. But that has not been the case between B&O and SAPERE.  

As Jonas points out: “Everything has run smoothly. Yes, problems have arisen, and it has been a challenge like with all other IT-projects. But SAPERE has managed to solve them, also beyond what we expected in the first place.”

The project started out with a clear goal to migrate from an old on-premise legacy system to a cloud-based platform. As the project progressed the collaboration was prolonged and now also includes a support agreement.

Jonas concludingly states: “We got what was promised. On time and within budget. SAPERE has proven that they are the right partner for us. That they take charge with a high level of expert knowledge and professionalism. We look forward to continuing the collaboration”

We got what was promised – and more. On time and within budget. Already in the early stages of our collaboration it became apparent that SAPERE not only possess the right skills, but also is a reliable and trusting partner. We have now decided to prolong our collaboration with a support agreement. Making sure that we continuously maintain our systems.
Jonas Dan Jørgensen
Jonas Dan Jørgensen
CIO, Bang & Olufsen